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Measurement Method

Creating Safe Environment Begins with Visualization of Scattering Condition

It is well known that there are many anti-cancer drugs that have dangerous properties for healthy people. It is critically important to protect the medical staff who handle anti-cancer drugs from such exposures while performing professional work. For this purpose, it is necessary to create a safe working environment through concrete visualization of the scattering condition. Shionogi Pharma's Anti-cancer Drug Exposure Investigation enables investigation and analysis matching your locations and situation, using our patented sampling sheet method, as well as wipe method and extraction method.
Video of Measurement Method can be seen in the following page.


Environmental Monitoring

Sampling Sheet Method (Patent 58- 46775/60550809)

It is a simple procedure that you attach a triple layer adhesive sampling sheet to the location that needs investigation and peel off after a certain period of time. The time when the sheet is attached is set as zero and the relationship between amount of anti-cancer drugs handled and contamination levels are evaluated. This is the most suitable measurement method for front-back comparison, such as evaluation before and after the installation of closed system equipment.

  • ・Anyone can safely and accurately perform the measurement. It is our original patented technology.
  • ・There are three sizes. You can select an appropriate size based on the sampling points and equipment, such as work table, under IV equipment (floor), in front of disposal bin, restroom, cabinet etc. A sheet can be cut into sizes you need.
  • ・Your only action is to attach the adhesive sampling sheet, so it is easy to handle. There is very little chance of causing individual differences and exposure level can be measured accurately and safely.

Sampling sheet method
(from application to collection)

Sampling sheet method
(how to collect multiple sheets)

Wipe Method

Drip the wiping agent onto a cloth wipe (cotton) and wipe the location to be measured. Place the wipe cloth in dedicated zippered bag. We will then conduct quantitative analysis to determine the residual amount. It is an ideal measurement method for the purpose of confirming the validity of current cleaning procedure numerically or using as starting value of exposure investigation.

Wipe method (sampling method)

Extraction method

We can directly investigate various PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in use. This investigation measures any scattered residue on gloves, gowns and shoe covers etc. Please pack the used PPE into the zippered bag and we will analyze them directly.

  • ・Gown: Whole body /upper body 2 sizes Gown will be sent from us
  • ・Gloves: Investigation of gloves we send or glove used at your hospital (nitrile gloves only) 1 sample = 1 pair
  • ・Arm cover: Mainly used for prescription work investigation We will send arm cover

How to collect a used gown

How to collect used arm covers

How to collect a used tray

Biological Monitoring

We determine the level of specified drugs contained in saliva and urine collected from medical staff who handle anti-cancer drugs. It is an ideal measurement method to conduct periodic monitoring of medical staff to ensure their health management.

Urine Concentration Measurement

We collect a small amount (about 10ml) in a sampling container and measure.
Drug to be investigated: Cyclophosphamide, Platinum-based drugs
*Please note that for each drug under 30 samples each, we conduct analysis when total sample number is 30 when combined with other sample requests.

Saliva Concentration Measurement

We measure from a small collected amount (about 10ml) in a sampling container.
Drug to be investigated: Cyclophosphamide, Platinum-based drugs
*Please note that for each drug under 5 samples each, we conduct analysis when total sample number is 30 when combined with other sample requests.

How to collect urine

How to collect saliva

Performance Evaluation of Protection Products Against Exposure

We conduct evaluation of various products using actual anti-cancer drugs. We can also use placebo for evaluation to allow for safe handling.

Permeability Test

  • ・We measure various equipment used during prescription work such as apparatus and used fluid transfusion set etc.
  • ・We evaluate exposure of gloves and gown interiors that are used for actual work. We can also conduct comparative leakage evaluation against other company products.
  • ・During the development stage of a closed connection system equipment, we can provide quantitative verification of benefits. By comparing benefits against other company products, you can verify the superiority of your company's closed connection system using objective data.

Performance Evaluation of Cleaning Agents

By measuring the anti-cancer drug exposure before and after using inactivation cleaning agent, it is possible to evaluate the performance of cleaning agents for effectiveness for inactivation.

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