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Exposure evaluation for anti-cancer drugs

To protect medical staff from exposures to anti-cancer drugs

In order to handle anti-cancer drugs, it is necessary to create an adequate environment that considers the health of all the medical staff by protecting them from anti-cancer drug exposures. In the USA, "USP 800" describes practice and quality standards for the handling of hazardous drugs in medical facilities. Although such guidance have not yet been established in Japan, the problem of exposure to medical staff is being recognized as one of the problems that must be addressed.

It is possible to monitor both individual body and environment

As one of the ways to address this problem, Shionogi Pharma is concentrating efforts around "Biological Monitoring" of measuring anti-cancer drug levels in urine and saliva, "Environmental Monitoring" of measuring anti-cancer drug levels in the work environment and personal protective equipment, and also "Performance Evaluation of Products Against Exposures."
Especially, Shionogi Pharma's patented "Sampling Sheet Method" has received high ratings as it allows anyone to conduct sampling simply and safely.
We propose sampling points and methods that match the measurement purpose, location, and application, to create a safe work environment for medical staff. To protect your valuable medical staff, we propose periodic measurements.

Case Studies

Environmental Monitoring

  • ・Investigation of exposures in out-patient chemotherapy area, pharmacy, and hospital ward
  • ・Investigation of residence where at-home therapy is (was) conducted
  • ・Permeability test of personal protective equipment such as glove, gown and mask
  • ・Periodic investigation of HVAC filters at time of exchange

Biological Monitoring

  • ・Measurement of specific drug levels in saliva and urine
  • ・Investigation of exposures to care givers and hospital cleaning staff
  • ・New employee training or periodic training (droplets investigation using placebo)

Performance Evaluation of Protection Products Against Exposure (Performance evaluation of protection equipment used for administration of anti-cancer drugs)

  • ・Evaluation before and after the installation of closed system equipment
  • ・Performance evaluation of related equipment used for administration of anti-cancer drugs
  • ・Comparative evaluation of old/new equipment against exposures and its impact pre/post installation
  • ・Comparative verification of various types of cleaning agents

Recommended Measurement Locations

Pharmacy Department

Pharmacy Department

Out-patient Chemotherapy Area

Out-patient Chemotherapy Area

Measurement Locations

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